Im new app developing, beware. I want my windows phone app to access a text file from my dropbox and display the information in a textblock by binding it. Does anyone know how can I accomplish this?

or if anyone knows another site where I can upload my text file instead of dropbox, please share. I just don't want to hardcore all the info to the app.


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Try to find an existing API that meets your requirements. That would be:

  • .NET Dropbox Client Library
  • Compatibility with WP

Some Dropbox client libraries are recommended here.

It looks that both sharpbox and dropnet are WP7 compatible.

Use them to get information about the file / to get the file.

Also if you are new to WP7 programming you might want to check some of these resources:


http://pastebin.com/ is a great place to dump text files, or a public FTP server, maybe someones website it doesnt really matter for the purpose here anywhere is alright aslong as you can call a single URL to the file without having to authenticate or do some APIs to access a store.

personally I would just upload the Text File anywhere here is an example of my paste


make sure you gather the RAW link to the file as opposed to the standard webpage

then use a Webclient to downloadStringAsync, for examples on this see


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