I want to replace " with \" with Javascript.

I have:

text = text.toString().replace("\"", '\\"')

The result:

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    did u try removing one of the back slashes? – GreenGiant Jul 5 '12 at 14:57

Try this:

text = text.toString().replace(/"/g, '\\"')

Or this:

text = text.toString().replace('"', '\\"')

This will do:

text = text.toString().replace("\"", '\\\"');

You basically have to escape both '\' and '"' by \


I have a small suggestion based on antyrat's answer.

text = text.toString().replace(/\\"/g, '"').replace(/"/g, '\\"');

This extra step will replace all the \" to " first, and then replace all the " back to \". It will help when your current string contains a combination of \" and ", especially when the string is a result from JSON.stringify()

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