I would like to know how to customize revision numbering in SVN. I have a repository I am running on an Ubuntu machine. The entire thing is currently just incremental revisions: Current revision 7.

I want to be able to customize the entire thing with a version numbering system (such as r1.0.0) and tag certain items inside it with an additional version system.

For example:


Everything in the myproject directory would be under a release version (r1.0.0). And the firmware files would be a part of the main r1.0.0 release, but would also have their current fw version tagged. So if firmware_file1 was version 5.6 for that product. It would have a tag of v5.6.

Does that make sense? I am new to SVN and have been reading documentation, but have not come across instructions on how to do this.



You can not have revisions in svn be anything but incremental, but you don't need to. You need tags.

Check out:

  • Thanks. Do you know if it is possible to create tags within a tag? How would I go about tracking the firmware versions within a revision tag? – linsek Jul 5 '12 at 19:55

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