how can i copy data from cv::Mat to CvMat and viceversa in OpenCV?


According to the documentation for cv::Mat, cv::Mat has a constructor that takes a CvMat * argument and an operator CvMat() member function. Therefore copying between the two can be accomplished easily as follows.

cv::Mat m;

// populate m

CvMat n = m; // cv::Mat::operator CvMat() const;

m = cv::Mat(&n); // cv::Mat::Mat(const CvMat* m, bool copyData = false);
// or
m = cv::Mat(&n, true); // to copy the data
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    CvMat n = m; don't copy data? – mrgloom Oct 12 '15 at 16:02

According to opencv documentation (http://docs.opencv.org/2.4/modules/core/doc/basic_structures.html):

"Backward conversion from Mat to CvMat or IplImage is provided via cast operators Mat::operator CvMat() const and Mat::operator IplImage(). The operators do NOT copy the data."

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