I have a directory containing numbered directories:


I need to create the next directory numerically. For which I am currently doing

$lastArchive = ls .\Archive | sort Name | select -Last 1
$dirName = '1'
if($lastArchive) {
  $dirName = ([int]$lastArchive.Name)+1

This of course fails once we get to 10 which by sorting rules follows after 1 not 9. I need the sort expression to actually be [int]$_.Name - how would I do this?

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I think you need to change that first line as follows:

$lastArchive = ls .\Archive | 
               Sort-Object -property @{Expression={[int]$_.Name}} | 
               Select-Object -Last 1

Then, you can create the next directory in numerical order like this:

mkdir ([int]$lastArchive.Name + 1).ToString()

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