There was a program that I used that made runnable .jar files.. All the ones I'm finding now are ones that make .exe files.. I remember it also has the option to make the file a .sh script as well. Anyone knows its name? I've been searching for hours with no avail :/


The command line

java -jar file.jar

Will run your jar file if it has a Main-Class defined as explained here.

You can use that command in a shell script.


You can create a runnable jar using NetBeans IDE or Eclipse IDE by just proving the Main class to run.Rest of the things it will take automatically.That class must be having a main() method in it.Then you can run that jar file using java -jar yourjarfile.jar


Do you mean actually coding java and then compiling to .jar? If you do try eclipse code editor

I used eclipse to make minecraft mods. It will work if you want to make .jar programs.

  • I'm using eclipse! The problem is that I'm using native libraries which Eclipse isn't putting into the jar correctly. – Patokun Jul 6 '12 at 4:18

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