The reason I ask this is because I have seen this page but I can't find the Mac OSX binaries to download from the downloads page. Is there a special place to get them.


They wrote:

An investigation about Python 3 support has been made. According to the investigation, there are no insurmountable obstacles for Python 3 support.



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    I have seen that but if you go to the link in my OP you will see that the first sentence says PySide has included support for Python 3.2 since version 1.0.8. If this is true where can I get those binaries? – edhedges Jul 6 '12 at 18:06
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    @edhedges I think you have to build it by yourself – Maksym Polshcha Jul 6 '12 at 19:01

This question is old, but is one of the first answers on google, so worth nothing:

  • Pyside has a python 3 subdir and should work with Python 3
  • Last release is August 2013
  • The official repository is gitorius, not github (github is an out of date copy)
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    Thanks! I think this is good info since it's been a while since this was asked. – edhedges Oct 28 '13 at 11:41

Without having it tested myself, but on the qt project site it is stated:

PySide has included support for Python 3.2 since version 1.0.8. If there are any issues with Python 3 support, they should be reported in the Qt Project bug tracker.

With a 'last modified' date back in June, 2016


There is a similar question here Installing pyside with python3 on os x

Long story short, the answer is yes and it can be installed with hombrew. However, PySide has a somewhat unkown future. From what I can tell there is no active development on PySide, and it may be time to use PyQt which is actually slightly easier to install.

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    If this is this case, it's unfortunate. PyQt's licensing is much more restrictive. – 0x1mason May 12 '13 at 20:22

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