I would like to export a subset of my Redis data on the slave to a csv file. I notice a new csv output option was added to redis-cli but I am unable to find documentation of how it works. Enabling the option prints the command outputs to screen in csv format. What is the best way to get this into a csv file?


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I've just looked at the source code & all it does is output the commands as comma separated values to stdout. Which is no big surprise.

So you could just redirect it to a file, in the standard way, as long as you're on Linux?


redis-cli --csv your-command > stdout.csv 2> stderr.txt

Go to src redis directory and run the below command

./redis-cli $command > $file_name

Exemple: ./redis-cli SMEMBERS "$KEY" > $file_name(RANDOM NAME)

this worked for me.


In case of socket and/or multiple redis servers, you'd need to do:

redis-cli -s /path/to/socket --csv your-command > stdout.csv 2> stderr.txt


redis-cli -s /var/run/redis/redis4.sock --csv lrange my_list 0 -1 > stdout.csv 2> stderr.txt

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