I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to setup a custom TLD domain with github pages. For some reason http://www is redirecting to http:// and then back to http://www over and over in an infinite redirect loop.

My settings with 123-reg are:

@           A         
www         CNAME       scottyv.me.

And i have a CNAME file setup correctly in my repo. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong?

  • It's working as expected for me. The "www.scottyv.me" domain redirects to simply "scottyv.me" but it stays there with out additional redirects. This is on chrome and safari on mac 10.7. Maybe something was/is cached that causing the issue on your side. – Alan W. Smith Jul 9 '12 at 2:43
  • @Scotty I see you were able to solve the issue. Can you give me any hint, I'm experiencing the same redirect loop problem you mentioned, with the same config. I have an A record pointing to the Github server IP and a CNAME entry pointing to my Github repo. Any suggestions?? How were you able to resolve it?? – Juri Sep 22 '12 at 19:08

Not sure if you have solved this yet, but I had a similar problem with redirects and 123-reg. I think what you are missing is another 'www' DNS Entry that points to the IP Address defined for DNS Entry '@'.

I wrote a quick blog post on it, with some images

Hope this helps.

  • Yep, that was the problem :) – Scotty Sep 24 '12 at 13:22

I had a similar problem. In my case, my DNS was correct (Network Solutions), but I had left out the "www" in my CNAME file. I had "yoursite.com" instead of "www.yoursite.com". Once I added the "www", the infinite redirects were fixed.

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