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When I have a string, I want to compare this with all my property names. When there is a match, how can I return the value of this property?

Class = Setting

Setting has 2 properties.

When I have a string that is the same as one of the propertie names. How can I return the value of that property?


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You could use Reflection to read property names and values. For example to get a list of public properties on a type you could use the GetProperties method:

var properties = typeof(Setting);
foreach (var prop in properties)
    // here you can access the name of the property using prop.Name
    // if you want to access the value you could use the prop.GetValue method

You can use reflection to get properties of your class, You can achieve this by some thing like.

PropertyInfo[] propertyInfos;
propertyInfos = typeof(MyClass).GetProperties(BindingFlags.Public |

foreach (PropertyInfo propertyInfo in propertyInfos)
  if (propertyInfo.Name == yourString)
       return yourString;

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