I want to develop an application, the small part of which will search the string of message from an EditText in the Inbox of my device....

I have referred some links like

Search sms Inbox



Read all SMS from a particular sender

but could not make it possible... can anyone plz help me with a useful piece of code...Thanks in Advance.

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    Refer to my comment for answer... Jul 13, 2012 at 10:30

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I finally got the answer but dont know if its the most efficient solution. Kindly correct me if there is some more efficient solution.

I first checked a particular text from Inbox to the text I inserted in Search Box. And if the text matches then I inserted it into the ArrayList. Finally I print whole ArrayList.

public ArrayList<String> check(String str)

    boolean fullContainsSub = str.toUpperCase().indexOf(content.toUpperCase()) != -1;
    //String styledText = "This is <font color='red'>simple</font>.";
    //item.setText(Html.fromHtml(styledText), ListView.BufferType.SPANNABLE);

    return itemList;

Here str is text from Inbox while content will be search box text.

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