Imagine, I have

  1. a Django web front-end and
  2. a Java daemon.

This system is used to allow to perform some complex calculations via the web.

"Some complex calculations" include

  • creating a separate database for each web user,
  • running native scripts on the server (again, each web user has its own directory and his own files),
  • parsing files, generated by the scripts,
  • cleaning up the user's directory, when the web user has logged off,
  • generating images to be displayed in the web frontend.

What options exist for implementing this communication

  1. from web frontend to Java daemon (like "generate image X" request) and
  2. from Java daemon to web frontend (like sending the generated image back)



  1. Simplicity: This system will be a prototype (proof of concept) and I'll rewrite it from scratch later (if the idea proves to be good).
  2. Ease of deployment: I will update the web-frontend and the daemon very frequently.

Important note: Currently, I don't care about scalability/performance.

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