I am trying to setup my first PHP Development environment and I am having quite a bit of issues getting the Debug environment to work or more accurately hit breakpoints.

Here is what I have done

1.) Confirmed that php is working in my Apache server on Windows. I did this by creating a test index.php file with phpinfo() in it.

2.) I have installed the Zend Debugger into Eclipse.

3.) I have setup my php.ini file with the following code.


4.) I have opened up a port for the debugger in the windows firewall, in my case Eclipse says Zend is using 10000.

5.) I have added the dummy.php file into my document root directory.

6.) I have restarted Apache after all of this.

7.) When I go to test my debugger in eclipse I get the following error message.

Zend Error

8.) When I look in the suggested section. I see this.

enter image description here

  • This does not answer your questiom: I normally use the xdebug remote debugger. I can say it works well with Eclipse/PDT (and other IDEs). Also I like the documentation that is a available and I have the feeling more resources and help is available online, too, for it. – hakre Jul 9 '12 at 23:22
  • Ok well maybe I will tinker with that some. I haven't even tried it out. In my googling I had a lot of people praising Zend but maybe they went with the whole Server Installation that you can download idk. Does xdebug work for debugging locally too? – meanbunny Jul 9 '12 at 23:35

The most likely cause is misconfiguration of PHP. Check phpinfo() if you have Zend Debugger section and validate your configuration.

Zend Debugger entry in phpinfo()

Note that the _ts suffix in zend_debugger_ts stands for Thread Safety. If your PHP is 5.3 or greater, or you have Thread Safety disabled (you can check this at phpinfo()), you will have to use zend_debugger directive instead of zend_debugger_ts.

Also expose_remotely acknowledges values 0 (Never), 1 (Always) and 2 (Allowed Hosts); any other value makes Zend Debugger undetectable.

  • 1
    FINALLY! They are so unclear on the _ts issue. Most tutorials I have followed say if you have installed a thread safe version of PHP then it must have the _ts suffix. Good grief I have been battling this all day....ty. – meanbunny Jul 10 '12 at 1:34

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