I have a tiny class of inserting payment record into database. below is given:


class pay{
        public static function pay($user, $income, $type, $refid='--'){
        mysql_query("INSERT INTO earn VALUES (NULL, '$user', '$income', '$refid', '$type', ".time().")");   


But browser gives the below fatal error..

Fatal error: Constructor pay::pay() cannot be static in F:\xampp\htdocs\new\sts\class.php on line 41

I am confused that why the error occurring.. please help me to understand.


If you have a method name that is the same as the name of the class, it is considered to be a constructor. Constructors cannot be static. You must either rename this class or method, or make the method not static and create an instance of the class when you want to use it.


In PHP 5, constructors are called __construct. In PHP 4 it used to be the name of the class, e.g. function pay for class pay. PHP 5 is backwards compatible with PHP 4, so that still works. Constructors cannot be static.


Constructor's are called on the creation of an object, and thus can not be static. By naming a function the same as the class, php thinks you want that to be the constructor


A method whose name is the same as that of the class it's defined on isn't an ordinary method but a constructor, used for making new instances of the class. Constructors are not allowed to be static, because the whole point of them is to act on a newly created class instance.

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