I don't understand the difference between these methods.

Here's what the JavaDoc says:

setLine(String) = Line to split into several commandline arguments.

setValue(String) = Sets a single commandline argument.

My confusion is that I see them being used interchangeably in the code I'm updating. An example:

Commandline commandline;
commandline = new Commandline(new File(jarUtilsDir,"signtool.exe").getAbsolutePath());

Maybe I just need an explanation of how these are supposed to be used.


If you're setting a single value without a space, it doesn't matter. However, suppose you have:

commandline.createArgument().setLine("x y");

that's equivalent to:



commandline.createArgument().setValue("x y");

will do appropriate quoting (I believe) such that the program that's called sees it as a single command line argument.

The easy way to test this is to create an app which just prints out its arguments, one per line, and try both ways :)

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  • Thanks. So it seems like the choice should be a single setLine, or multiple setValues, and that the code I'm looking at is not optimal. – Scott McIntyre Jul 17 '09 at 22:00
  • +1 because it's a good answer, and I really want to see what happens when you reach 100k. – seth Sep 9 '09 at 19:03

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