When to build my website project this morning and got this error:

Error 9 The application domain in which the thread was running has been unloaded.

No additional line numbers, project, or file information are displayed, just the error message. I tried cleaning the solution and opening and closing visual studio (running 2012 beta). Anyone have any suggestions to how I can get my project to build?

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    I just got this error in VS 2008, I did a Clean then a Rebuild All on the solution and that seemed to make it go away. – travis Sep 4 '12 at 16:10

Usually, just selecting the rebuild option is enough to resolve this issue. However you may also need to:

  1. adjust your virtual memory settings to make more virtual memory available.
  2. exit other applications that are consuming large amounts of virtual memory.
  3. it also appears that Microsoft attempted a fix for this in Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio, although this has not resolved the issue for all people.

Little late to the party but for googlers: I had this every time I'd do a build, would have to build 3 or 4 times to launch the application. My solution was inside a Dropbox folder & turns out Dropbox was locking the compiled dlls.

Once I'd excluded the bin directories (did obj directories too for good measure) the problem went away. This may also be the case for antivirus/antimalware programs too.

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