Let me try to explain what I need. I have a server that is visible from the internet. What I need is to create a ASP.NET application that get the request of a web Site and send to a internal server, then it gets the response and publish the the info. For the client this should be totally transparent.

For different reasons I cannot redirect the port to the internal server. What I can do but no know how - maybe the answer is there - is to create a new Web Site that its host in the other server.


Why won't any old proxy software work for this? Why does it need to be an ASP.NET application? There are TONS of tools out there (both Windows and *nix) that will get the job done quite easily. Check Squid or NetProxy for starters.

If you need to integrate with IIS, IISProxy looks like it would do the trick too.


I use apache mod_proxy and mod_proxy_balancer. Works awesome running 5 domains a cluster of 4 web boxes.

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