Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places. Or maybe I might just be dumb. But I am just curious. Are there any Web application frameworks available for just the plain old 'C' Language. Like Tornado and Twisted for python? Again, I am just Curious.

UPDATE: After keeping a tag for years, I finally found one: kore.io GitHub: https://github.com/jorisvink/kore


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I asked this question 3 years ago. And I have always kept a tag on C-based framework. Now I found one which is more than worthy to mention. kore.io GitHub: https://github.com/jorisvink/kore

Previously, I accepted Aidenn's answer But I am choosing my own as accepted because this is modern and actively maintained.


There aren't many since most web apps are not CPU bound, and involve mutations to variable sized strings, thus not playing to Cs strengths, while hitting C in one of its weakest points.

That being said:


Sorry but Aidenn is wrong. Every scripting language is written in C. It just takes a lot more work. C is a very strong programming language with unlimited possibilities to what you can program.
https://github.com/search?l=C&q=c%2B%2B+web+framework&ref=searchresults&type=Repositories list of C frameworks.

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