I am wanting to toy around with Mercurial a bit, so I am trying to convert one of my existing repositories over. I run the following command on my Mac:

hg convert myrepos myrepos-hg

The command successfully imports all of my commits, but it doesn't bring along the 8 or so tags that were marked in the Git repository (nor are any of the branches for that matter). Is there a special parameter I need to set to have my tags imported into Mercurial as well?


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Are your tags lightweight git tags or full on annotated tags? hg convert only converts annotated tags, but git by default creates lightweight ones. I had this issue when converting one of my repositories recently. You can check what they are as follows:

git ls-remote --tags .

Running hg convert will only convert the tags that end in ^{}, the annotated ones. You have 2 choices:

  • patch the git.py hgext convert extension file to convert all types
  • change your git tags to annotated tags prior to conversion

With a small shell script and the --force option to git-tag you can annotate all of your tags.

  • That was the problem. Thanks for the tip! Jul 19, 2009 at 14:00

This is a somewhat known issue. You can try patching the following file /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/hgext/convert/hg.py (or wherever it's located) by changing this:

extra = {'branch': self.tagsbranch}


extra = {'branch': 'default'}

and then converting it again.

EDIT: On a deeper look at the state of things it seems that it may be difficult--it not impossible--to do what you want. Even more so to do it correctly.

Since you only have 8 tags consider saving yourself the hassle by crafting the .hgtags file by hand. You can figure out what's up with 'hg convert' later (I'll keep my eyes pealed as well).


  • I modified the file as accordingly (it was located in /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/...), but unfortunately it's still not converting the tags and creating the .hgtags file. Jul 18, 2009 at 5:15

One suggestion I've seen in the past is to use svn as an intermediary step. Both git and hg have excellent bidirectional svn conversion.


Check out the hg-git plugin.

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