As there is sensitive code in the config.groovy file, I am afraid that my friends will commit with bugs in this file. When getting svn update, we too will get the buggy config code.

Can i split the code at config.groovy in such a way that the sensitive code remains untouched and the other can be changed frequently?


Inside your main config file you are able to access this variable:


It is a list of configuration file locations to which you can add your own files:

grails.config.locations << 'file:MyConfigFile.groovy'

These files will then be added to your configuration.

For a more elaborate setup see this blog post: http://www.pasopas.nl/2012/loading-grails-configuration-files-update/

  • thank you!! but i am still confused on getting grails.config.locations << 'file:MyConfigFile.groovy' Jul 13 '12 at 11:33

Similar to Marijn's answer. This is how I usually set up my Config.groovy. I still use it for some settings, but anything environmentally (deployment location or individual machine) changing can override any settings in the Config.groovy.

Config.groovy >>>>

grails.config.locations = [

environments {
  development {
    grails.config.locations = [

file:${userHome}/myapp-config/myapp-config.groovy >>>>

  • hey! Nick, thanks buddy it finally worked when i sent it in a list as u mentioned. Jul 16 '12 at 7:33

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