I have a form with a date_select which shows 3 selectboxes for day, month and year. I have a rspec integration test where I want to select today's date with capybara. So I have to split Date.today into a day, month and year. What's a good way to do this? I could do some string splits, but maybe there is a more sophisticated way to do?

Here you see the capybara code to select the date hard coded:

select("13", :from => "visit_visit_date_3i")
select("July", :from => "visit_visit_date_2i")
select("2012", :from => "visit_visit_date_1i")

There are methods for extracting date parts from a Date object. The date class also has some constant arrays that make it easy to convert things like months and days of the week to their English versions.


=> 13
=> "July"
=> 2012

All this is in the docs for Date, which are located here.


You might consider using timecop to freeze the current date. This comes in handy later when testing whether other methods that deal with 'today' or 'one week from today'

before { Timecop.freeze(Date.parse("Jul 13 2012") }
after { Timecop.return }

Now you can select("13", :from => "visit_visit_date_3i") and it will work for any date on which the test is run.

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