I wanted to know that how can we find the size of text stored in a specific column. For example : if the same text would have been stored in a .txt file then we can see its size as 5kb or 10kb or whatever. My column datatype is longtext.

is their any sql query for that ?


If it's not a multibyte character set, why not just use the LENGTH() function?

create table t
( a longtext );
insert into t (a) values ('abcdef');

select length(a) from t;

That should get you the number of characters, or bytes if there are multi-byte characters.

As noted in the comments, use CHAR_LENGTH() for character length of strings in multi-byte character sets.

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    This DOES work for multi-byte characters if you want to know how many bytes the string uses. E.g. for three 2-byte characters LENGTH() will return 6. If you want character count use CHAR_LENGTH() – Brian Adams Apr 21 '15 at 16:33

There's a function to return the number of characters, regardless of the number of bytes:



select length('this is a long text')

I guess this is the best for multibyte character set,

select CHAR_LENGTH ('abc æøå');

will give you 7.


select CHAR_LENGTH ('漢語');

will give you 2.

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