I'm using git and a cvs repo i've trying to follow

How to export revision history from mercurial or git to cvs?

except i'm using a -d pserver instead of -w local cvs repo

I've done a git cvsimport and that seems to be good. I am now trying to export a single test change back to the csv repo and it is failing

I've tried the following commands with the following results


export $GIT_DIR=~/project/.git
git cvsexportcommit -d :pserver:username:password@someserver/cvsrepo -u -p -c ORIG_HEAD HEAD

Did not find COMMITID in the parents for the commit! at /usr/lib/git-cvsexportcommit line 125.


export $GIT_DIR=~/project/.git
git cvsexportcommit -d :pserver:username:password@someserver/cvsrepo -u -p -c COMMITID

checking if patch will apply
cvs update: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
cvs [update aborted]: no repository
cvs -d :pserver:username:password@someserver/cvsrepo update /path/file.java: 256 at /usr/lib/git-core/git-vcxexportcommit line 436.

note: i've tried moving the GIT_DIR up or down a level as well.


Unfortunatley, git cvsexportcommit requires the presence of an actual CVS checkout as specified by the -w argument. This is because it simply issues the necessary cvs commit command(s) and doesn't interact with the CVS server directly.

  • I was worried that was the case. Thanks ! – nate_weldon Jul 16 '12 at 12:42

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