bundle install is giving:

> undefined method `ruby' for #<Bundler::Dsl:0x00000001c4e1f8>

Any idea how to fix? I'm using Ruby 1.9.3-p125.

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    You should probably provide your Gemfile. Commented Jul 14, 2012 at 3:22

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Version 1.2 of Gembundler introduced a ruby method to the dsl that allows you to specify the Ruby version your app should use.

It looks like the Gemfile you’re using was written for this new version, but the version of bundler you have doesn’t support the ruby method. You need to either install the latest bundler (gem install bundler should do it) or remove the line from your Gemfile.


Run these commands the problem will fix

step 1: install bundler gem install bundler
step 2: bundle install

it will fix the issue..


You are calling ruby 'something or other' in your Gemfile.

This one-liner should find the offending line for you (note that you need to be in the same dir as the Gemfile, and the ca$h indicates the prompt -- on your system this may be >)

$ ruby -ne 'print "(line #$.) #$_" if /^\s*ruby/' Gemfile

Without understanding why you did this, I can't tell you what you should have done instead, but there is no ruby method as part of bundler's DSL.

You can see the DSL code here.

You can see Bundler's documentation here, and the documentation for Gemfiles here.


You may be using an out-dated version of bundler

You can check the version of bundler you're using with

bundle --version

If it's older than version 1.2, it's probably outdated, based on matt's answer.

In my case, I'd done gem install bundler, but forgot to do rbenv rehash (I use rbenv), and therefore it wasn't using the bundler I'd just installed, but an old, outdated version.

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