I'm building a Android app that sync tasks to google tasks. And i used the Google Tasks APIs. My question is what parameters can I use in TasksRequest.setFields(String fields)? I see the sample code uses "items/title". What if i want to get other fields or what if i want to get multiple fields at the same time?


The format of this string is described here: https://developers.google.com/discovery/v1/performance#partial-response

And the APIs Explorer can help you build the string as well using a UI: https://developers.google.com/apis-explorer

  • That's great. Thank you! – Chris.Zou Jul 30 '12 at 4:09

You must be referring to this snippet of code from the Google Tasks API sample for Android:

protected List<String> doInBackground(Void... arg0) {
try {
  List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
  com.google.api.services.tasks.Tasks.TasksOperations.List listRequest = service.tasks().list("@default");

  List<Task> tasks = listRequest.execute().getItems();
  if (tasks != null) {
    for (Task task : tasks) {
  } else {
    result.add("No tasks.");
  return result;
} catch (IOException e) {
  return Collections.singletonList(e.getMessage());
} finally {


The documentation is very unclear about this, but this link gave me a clue.

Notice that I use


If you get the strings wrong, you will get

invalidParameter and Invalid field selection note

  • This is helpful, thank you! – Chris.Zou Jul 30 '12 at 4:08
  • @Chris.Zou this answer is more helpful to me than the accepted answer – Fuhrmanator Sep 21 '18 at 3:03

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