I know that I can let Linux to write the console output to a logfile by doing:

command > logfile.log

But this overwrites whatever was in the logfile before. How do I make it append the output to the logfile rather than overwriting it?

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You can use >> for appending to the same logfile for e.g cmd1 >> logfile.log then use for other commnad like

cmd2 >> logfile.log

>> is used for append data to the file


just replace > for >>


Change the operator:

command >> logfile.log

Use command >> logfile.log


A couple ways:

1) Uses io piping as follows:

$> echo 'some text' >> file.txt (will be appended)

2) Using a program like sed:

$> cat file.txt

some text

$> sed -i '$ a\ here is some more text' file.txt (will also be appended, without piping)

Gl hf!


A single greater than character > WRITES output to a file.

A double character >> APPENDS output into an existing file

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