I'm getting the following errors from JSLint, and I can't understand them:

-All questions have been answered-

Any help on any of these?

use /*jslint browser: true, devel: true */
function submit() {
    "use strict";
    var Mathematics = document.personal.Mathematics;
    var OMathematics = document.personal.OMathematics;
    var Sci = document.personal.Sci;
    var OSci = document.personal.OSci;
    var ELA = document.personal.ELA;
    var OELA = document.personal.OELA;
    var SS = document.personal.SS;
    var OSS = document.personal.OSS;
    var Elec1 = document.personal.Elec1;
    var OElec1 = document.personal.OElec1;
    var Elec2 = document.personal.Elec2;
    var OElec2 = document.personal.OElec2;
    var Elec3 = document.personal.Elec3;
    var OElec3 = document.personal.OElec3;
    var Owed = 0;
    function calc(n, o) {
        if (n >= 90) {
            Owed = Owed + 1;
            if (n >= 95) {
                Owed = Owed + 1;
        else if (o >= 80) {
            Owed = Owed + 0.5;
        if (n > o) {
            Owed = Owed + 0.5;
        if (n < o) {
            if (n > 95) {
                Owed = Owed - 0.25;
    calc(Mathematics, OMathematics);
    calc(Sci, OSci);
    calc(ELA, OELA);
    calc(SS, OSS);
    calc(Elec1, Elec1);
    calc(Elec2, Elec2);
    calc(Elec3, Elec3);

Here is the code in context: http://jsfiddle.net/Aidoboy/AdzwC/

exceptions being used: "many var statements per function" and "messy white space"


'document' was used before it was defined

You get this because the document variable has not been declared. You can tell JSLint that it should assume the code will run in a browser and therefore assume that things like document and window are pre-defined. You can do so with a JSLint comment at the top of your file:

/*jslint browser: true */

['form'] is better written in dot notation

Since you know the name of the property, there is no need to use square bracket notation:


'alert' was used before it was defined

You can use the devel option to prevent this error (you also use it to allow, for example, console.log calls):

/*jslint browser: true, devel: true */

Unexpected '​'

There is some invisible character after the closing brace. Just delete that character to remove this error.

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  • use /*jslint browser: true, devel: true */ - not sure my edit of the above answer will go through – olore Jul 14 '12 at 23:21
  • @olore - Thanks for the edit. I just modified it a bit to add it to the section on the alert error instead of the section on the document error. – James Allardice Jul 14 '12 at 23:25
  • Yay! It works! Now I think that there's a problem with my html. :P – Aido Jul 14 '12 at 23:31
  • For new visitors to this question, I'm putting together a collection of detailed JSLint error message explanations at jslinterrors.com. Try searching on there to find a solution to your error. – James Allardice Nov 23 '12 at 13:51

Add this to avoid alert define error:

/*jslint devel: true */

“alert” is not defined when running www.jshint.com - Stack Overflow

and the following about the devel option:

This option defines globals that are usually used for logging poor-man's debugging: console, alert, etc. It is usually a good idea to not to ship them in production because, for example, console.log breaks in legacy versions of Internet Explorer.

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