This is my expression code:

($F{Personel_ODEME}.equals(Boolean.TRUE)) ? "PAID" : "NO PAID"

If Personel is paid, her/his Jasper tax report will read PAID, otherwise NO PAID. In the DB, this field is Boolean type, but the expression is returning a String type. So I am getting a Cannot cast from String to Boolean error.

The problem stems from your test $F{Personel_ODEME}.equals(Boolean.TRUE), which Jasper is thinking is a String to Boolean comparison, and doesnt like. To fix this, try this:

($F{Personel_ODEME}.equals(Boolean.TRUE.toString())) ? "PAID" : "NO PAID"

This will result in a String to String comparison.

It is good to note that In Java, a "true".equals(Boolean.TRUE) would result to false.


This appears to be a Jasper 'PrintWhen' expression, which allows you to determine whether to print the contents of a cell or not. It is expecting Boolean.TRUE or Boolean.FALSE as its return values. When you return "PAID", Jasper tries to evaluate that String as a Boolean, which it cant, so it throws the exception.

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    I believe you mean - "true".equals(Boolean.TRUE) – Jack Leow Jul 19 '09 at 2:12
  • @Jack Leow: that is exactly what i mean. thanks. edited. – akf Jul 19 '09 at 2:27
  • nope this no fix my problem. $F{Personel_ODEME} is BOolean field i cant use toString method.Gettin same error. – Ibrahim AKGUN Jul 19 '09 at 10:05
  • I know what is the problem but how can i solve it ? Is there any way to fix this ? – Ibrahim AKGUN Jul 19 '09 at 14:45
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OK, I fixed it. I changed $F{Personel_ODEME}'s type to String, then it worked like a charm.

You have to change the Class Expression for the field to java.lang.String as it will be java.lang.Boolean by default. When it evaluates your if and tries to return "PAID" or "NO PAID", the field tries to convert that to Boolean so it can be displayed.

All credit goes to:

Try this:

Boolean.valueOf($F{Personel_ODEME}.equals('TRUE')) ? "PAID" : "NO PAID" 
($F{Personel_ODEME}==true?"PAID":"NO PAID")

Note: true(keyword) is case sensitive. And should not be capital(TRUE)

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