Is there any way to use a custom format for assembly versions, when building them with MSBuild?

For example, we tried to use a version like "0.16.10r2.10717" But we got this error:

error emitting 'system.reflection.assemblyversionattribute' -- The version specified '0.16.10r2.10717' is invalid.

I searched around the web, but seems no one asked for a solution of this. Is it possible?

We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and FinalBuilder 7 for building our project.

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AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion both must be composed of up to four integers, period-separated, each of which is no larger than 65534 (UInt16.MaxValue-1). Any of the following are valid (C# syntax):

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]

// Let the compiler generate the build and/or revision numbers
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.2.3.*")]
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.2.*")]

There is another attribute, AssemblyInformationalVersion, that accepts a string as the version; it can be used when you want to use more complicated strings (especially when including a commit ID from a DVCS).

// Use complex version number
[assembly: AssemblyInformationalVersion("0.16.10r2.10717")]

// Include Git commit ID
[assembly: AssemblyInformationalVersion("1.2b1-g39d1c0f")]

Briefly, the difference between these attributes is:

  • AssemblyVersion: This is used as the CLR version of the assembly. When the assembly has a strong-name, this is the version that is validated against.

  • AssemblyFileVersion: This is the Win32 file version resource, and is displayed in the assembly's properties in Windows Explorer.

  • AssemblyInformationalVersion: This is accessible at runtime via the Application.ProductVersion property. It is also used in the Application.UserAppDataDirectory path.

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