I want to move a table into a specific Schema using T-SQL? I am using SQL Server 2008.

ALTER SCHEMA TargetSchema 
    TRANSFER SourceSchema.TableName;

If you want to move all tables into a new schema, you can use the undocumented (and to be deprecated at some point, but unlikely!) sp_MSforeachtable stored procedure:

exec sp_MSforeachtable "ALTER SCHEMA TargetSchema TRANSFER ?"


SQL 2008: How do I change db schema to dbo


Short answer:

ALTER SCHEMA new_schema TRANSFER old_schema.table_name

I can confirm that the data in the table remains intact, which is probably quite important :)

Long answer as per MSDN docs,

ALTER SCHEMA schema_name 
   TRANSFER [ Object | Type | XML Schema Collection ] securable_name [;]

If it's a table (or anything besides a Type or XML Schema collection), you can leave out the word Object since that's the default.

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