• I'm trying many time to install Adobe AIR. Normal : Error said...

An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator.

Then, I run as Administrator, but I get same error message...

  • I download installer again, but there is same error message...
  • I install with same installer in another laptop, but I get same error message...

I'm on Win XP SP3 professional edition.(another laptop : XP SP3 home edition)

Download AIR Link

This is log... There is no command line??

[2012-07-16:14:23:25] Runtime Installer begin with version on Windows XP x86
[2012-07-16:14:23:25] Commandline is:
[2012-07-16:14:23:25] No installed runtime detected
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Starting runtime install. Installing runtime version
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Installing msi at c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\air1fb.tmp\setup.msi with guid {65CB4C08-C47B-4A7E-A6A4-50C06ADA5FC6}
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Error occurred during msi install operation; beginning rollback: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="1601" errorID=0]
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Rolling back install of c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\air1fb.tmp\setup.msi
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Rollback complete
[2012-07-16:14:23:28] Exiting due to error: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="1601" errorID=0]
[2012-07-16:14:23:30] Runtime Installer end with exit code 7

This is relate link, but there is no point too.

Solution: To check whether the Windows Installer service is set to a value of Disable Click Start, type services.msc in the start search box and press enter.
In the Services (Local) list, right-click Windows Installer, and then click Properties.
If the Startup type drop-down list is set to a value of Disable, select the Manual option from the Startup type drop-down list.
Click on Start button below the heading service status and click OK.
Then try to install again...

Credit: Microsoft


It might be related to Windows Installer service.

Here is the similar problem report: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/42878

Try recommendations from here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-windows_programs/error-1601-windows-installer-is-not-accessible/08dce679-496d-43f4-a4b5-bb467800bb90

  • Very surprise! I have to search many forum in adobe for many day ago... but I have not found. I try in your link on microsoft, it said about "Windows installer". It is fix. Thank you so much. – HATCHA Jul 16 '12 at 8:58

None of the solutions worked for me. Looking in the install log I found errors 1603 and 1605 coming up every time I tried to install the latest update to Adobe Air. I had had no issues with this for several years since the 1.x series yet on the latest version 14.x version the troubles began. The fix was to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility which Microsoft no longer makes available but thankfully MajorGeeks.com and Softpedia.com have it in their archives. It was only designed for XP and maybe Vista. So if you have a newer version of Windows look for solutions elsewhere unless you are looking for problems. Anyway long story short I deleted the entry for Adobe Air and suddenly all my install problems were over.

  • I had the same problem on Windows 7. Got error 1603 when trying to upgrade or uninstall. The solution for me was the Windows Fix-It utility for install issues Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter I uninstalled AIR version 3.1 using this M$ utility and was able to install version 15 afterward. – Matthew Oct 15 '14 at 15:14

I had the similar issue and my Windows Installer service was set to manual, but it wasn't started. I clicked Start button and after that I was able to install Adobe AIR.

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