I am trying to get a symlink working over a network drive.

I have already tried suggestions on questions already asked, such as running as administrator and checking if the directory already exists. Unfortunately it still gives me the following error:

C:\Windows\system32>mklink /d \\myserver\someLink \\myserver\mydir
Access is denied.

Any ideas how I could get this working? The local machine is running windows 7 and the remote machine is running windows server 2008 R2 standard.


I jumped through all the hoops:

  1. Create a non-admin account (in my case, activated the guest account).
  2. As Admin, run secpol.msc and grant this account Create Symbolic Link permissions.
  3. runas /user:guest cmd to open a command window as the guest.

    only to get caught on the simplest problem: because I was running as guest, I didn't have write permissions within the directory. So,

  4. As admin, change permissions in the target directory (where you want to make the link) to give write access to the non-admin user.

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  • If I can mkdir foo, is that indicative that I have the necessary permissions? I had already given the "Create Symlink" permissions to the whole Users group. This is on a mapped network drive. – Michael - Where's Clay Shirky Mar 20 '14 at 15:49
  • Note for future visitors: If your account has admin permissions, and you are trying to run as that account, you have to disable UAC (because "reasons"). – Michael - Where's Clay Shirky Mar 20 '14 at 21:11

I had this while I wanted to create a hard link with mklink /H .... By removing the /H, the error vanished as well.

So if a symbolic link does the trick for you as well, you should try this.

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