I'm getting ready to set up a website for my support URL for the app before I submit to the App Store. I was thinking I'll probably just do a WordPress site. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd love to get some links to some good themes, on the cheap.

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You could set up a simple static page on github, if you're using that to host your source (or even if not): http://pages.github.com/


There's a lot of WordPress themes out there for app websites. Here's one I ran across a while back: http://www.appdesignvault.com/darstell-iphone-wordpress-theme/.

It's free if you tweet about them! Am considering using this for my app, or using it as a starting point for my own wordpress theme.

This is a brief review of some paid themes. Most are inexpensive. (note: website seems to load slow)

Here's some others. I haven't looked into them much though.

Good luck!

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I'm hosting a static site on Heroku for Railscasts for iOS. It's free and barely requires any maintenance.

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