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I have a table inside my database where I store product prices; the column type is set to DECIMAL(12, 2). However, whenever I add the following price: 1,199.00 and save it, for some reason it converts into 1.00.

Or, if I add a price like 12,000.00, it converts it to 12. Should I use using some other type of field or add other values to DECIMAL?

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  • Do you happen to have an example of the SQL you are using for your insert or update? – Jason Jul 16 '12 at 13:39
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According to the documentation on DECIMAL, that column type should work fine. If you're using another language to interface with MySQL (PHP, for example), you should post that code along with your SQL code, since in plain SQL, I can't reproduce the behaviour you indicate. This is the sample I used:

    amount DECIMAL(12, 2));

INSERT INTO `money` (`amount`) VALUES (12999.00);

INSERT INTO `money` (`amount`) VALUES (12,999.00);

This should fail with an error because the second INSERT statement sees 12,999.00 as two separate values destined for two separated columns. Since only one column is listed (amount), it fails. See this fiddle for how I reproduced the error.


Your datatype DECIMAL(12,2) seems ok.

You should insert 12999.00, not 12,999.00

  • I cant control how prices are formatted because they are provided by external stores. Since this datatype is ok I will take a look at the PHP code and see if something suspicious comes up. – DigitalWhirl LLC Jul 16 '12 at 13:51
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