I want to save my data into a text file when the user presses the home button. How to do so?

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Implement applicationWillTerminate: in your app delegate. Do whatever you need to do to turn your data into text, and save it.

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    also, make sure you don't spawn any threads to do the heavy lifting of your save process. Once applicationWillTerminate is called, you can't create new threads or they terminate immediately. I had a threaded save function, and it took forever to find the problem!
    – Ben Gotow
    Jul 20, 2009 at 2:24

Implement applicationWillTerminate: in your application delegate. Save your application's data in that method.


Note that applicationWillTerminate is only a kindness to your application, and if it takes too long your application will be closed down anyway.

It's way better, if possible, to update the file in question periodically so a failed save at the end will not matter.

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