I have a digest auth set up like the example from the sinatrarb website.

require './main'

app = Rack::Auth::Digest::MD5.new(Sinatra::Application) do |username|
  {'foo' => 'bar'}[username]
app.realm = 'Protected Area'
app.opaque = 'secretkey'

run app

I was wondering if anyone knows how or can point me to a guide rspecing this. Thanks.

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The Sinatra FAQ has an example using Test::Unit and Basic Auth. I've never used RSpec with Sinatra but it should be easy to translate the example from Test::Unit.

Even though the example use Basic Auth, Digest Auth can be tested the same way. The only difference is you need to use Rack::Test's digest_authorize method instead. For example, the last test in the FAQ would become this:

def test_with_proper_credentials
  digest_authorize 'admin', 'admin'
  get '/protected'
  assert_equal 200, last_response.status
  assert_equal "You're welcome", last_response.body
  • Oooh I didnt see that. Thanks a lot! Haha I thought it was going to be something more complicated.
    – blc
    Commented Aug 3, 2012 at 20:40

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