I have a problem in a Django app I'm writing. I have a view *project_detail* which should be limited to users who are project leaders of that project. I've solved that with a decorator which is defined in a separate file helpers.py. Another view error is called if an error occured. Here are the two files views.py and helpers.py

from projectmanagement.helpers import is_projectleader    

def project_detail(request,id):

def error(request, errormessage)
    return render_to_response(...)

def is_projectleader():
if not request.user in project.projectleaders:
    return error(request,errormessage="You are not a projectleader")

Now i'm getting an error that error is not defined, but if I add

from projectmanagement.views import error

I get an error, that I can't import error. Have you any suggestions?

  • it was a circular import. thanks for the tips. i've just moved my error function into the file helpers.py – Moe Jul 19 '12 at 12:20

First - please write entire stacktrace and error message. Second - what happens if you will have everything inside one file (for example views.py). It seems like circular dependency - from views.py you're importing helpers.py; from helpers.py you're importing views.py.


Import the module itself, and refer to the attribute of that module.


You cannot import one module from the other and vise versa at the same time. Move the defenition of the error function to the helpers.py or create a new module for views like this one.

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