How I can to pass the values lat, lng and address from jQuery google maps functions (gmaps.js) to main.html ? . I want to obtain these values and with others - that I will get in the main html, I want to write all together on a table (markers) of MySQL, with a save button. Any idea? Thank you!!

//**gmaps.js function

function update_ui( address, latLng ) {

//**html main code:

<div id='input'>
      <input type='text' id='gmaps-input-address' placeholder='to start, write address...'  size="41" />
      <div id='gmaps-error'>
    <div id="gmaps-canvas" style="width:auto; height:250px"></div>
<!—show current lat, lng and address   -->
      Latitude: <span id='gmaps-output-latitude'></span> <br/>
      Longitude: <span id='gmaps-output-longitude'></span><br/>
      Address: <span id='gmaps-output-address'></span><br/>
<!—start form. (get others values)   -->

    <label>name<br />
    <input class="text" type="text" name="name" id="name" width="100%"/>

    <label>address<br />
    <input class="text" type="text" name="address" id="precio" width="100%"/>
  <!—here I need to get lat and assign to var-->
  <!—here I need to get lng and assign to var -->
  <!—here I need to get address and assign to var -->
  <!— each one lat, lng , address,  in separate vars -->
  <!— call to sql to save them in a table -->
<!—end of form (get others values)    -->

//**SQL sentence:

function insertar($campos){

return mysql_query("INSERT INTO markers ( name, precio, lat, lng, address ) VALUES ('".$campos[0]."','".$campos[1]."','".$campos[2]."','".$campos[3]."','".$campos[4]."')");

I did this today !

I used this project as base.

Used Apache and my SQL, and done the project on dreamweaver, it's working fine ! =)

This is one post that a guy helped me to put the site online Can't save waypoints in Google maps v3

Just edit process.php to your localhost, user and pass.

Try it =)

  • Thanks! nice code (take note) , but away of my subject – user1531383 Jul 18 '12 at 17:49

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