Is there a way to print the current back stack of the current task in an Android app? In particular, I want to understand when an activity is popped off the stack after its onDestroy() is called.

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You can use adb for this:

adb shell dumpsys activity
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    There's a lot of information printed out. Which part should I focus on? I don't seem to find a description of task stacks. – dacongy Jul 19 '12 at 20:38

To improve on Paul's answer and see data relevant to your app only you can do:

adb shell dumpsys activity package <>

Use the command below can show tasks and activity backstack

adb shell dumpsys activity activities | sed -En -e '/Running activities/,/Run #0/p'

And result looks like this:

Running activities (most recent first):
  TaskRecord{29b17859 #1134 U=0 sz=1}
    Run #0: ActivityRecord{180fd6be u0 t1134}
Running activities (most recent first):
  TaskRecord{7764a61 #1054 U=0 sz=1}
    Run #1: ActivityRecord{2900994b u0 t1054}
  TaskRecord{4aa804c #1129 U=0 sz=1}
    Run #0: ActivityRecord{1816140b u0 t1129}
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    Well formatted output) – pratt Oct 25 '17 at 16:42

If just want to look Activity backstack use below set commands

adb shell

dumpsys activity | grep -i run

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