In my project a servlet has to connect to database (derby).I build my project into .war file.

Now before deploying the project in Tomcat , how do i tell the server the URL of the databsae,JNDI name,driverName etc etc. How do i do this ? I was told to add these into the context.xml file. Do i have to create this file myself ? Otherwise there is also a context.xml file in the conf directory of tomcat. I have to deploy one more project that also needs to connect to the database but has a different URL. So i think i can't add the details in the context.xml file in conf directory.

How do i deploy these two projects ? Do i need to make 2 different context.xml files ?


Put the configuration in a context.xml and put that file in the META-INF folder of your war. See tomcat context documentation on the tomcat website.


if you are using hibernate for persisting data to database then u need to mention the database url, name, password in hibernate.cfg.xml.

If you want to open database connection from Servlet itself. then refer this http://www.roseindia.net/servlets/databaseconnectionservlet.shtml. i hope it would help you.

  • so, what layer are you using for interacting with database? – ankit Jul 20 '12 at 9:20
  • A servlet wants to open connection to the database.It is as simple as that. – saplingPro Jul 20 '12 at 9:39

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