I know with ReSharper you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter to open the "quick tasks" or whatever it's called. Is there a similar keyboard shortcut for Code Rush?

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Officially the answer is Ctrl + ` (Ctrl and back tick)

However in some scenarios this can set itself up as Ctrl + ' (Ctrl and single quote)

Note: I believe the reason for this comes down to codepages\keyboard layouts and other things I don't fully understand :)


The common shortcut to invoke code refactorings and fixes in CodeRush is the Ctrl + ` (backtick) key combination. This shortcut invokes the popup menu which lists all operations available for the current context.


It's configurable. Mark Miller recommends setting it to NumPad 0 so your pinky can hit it as needed - careful though - you'll get addicted!

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