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Is there an “exists” function for jQuery

 <div class="XXX">
  <div class="created">

div class="created" automatically generated by JavaScript using append function jQuery for some validation i need to check whether div is generated or not how can i do this.using jQuery.

something like $('.xxx').html()==' '


Try this like following:

$('div.XXX div.created').length

if the div is not create then $('div.XXX div.created').length will return 0.

if( $('div.XXX div.created').length > 0 ){
  // do something 

In jQuery, it has method .size() and implement like $('div.XXX div.created').size(), but .length is more reliable.


you can use jQuery length property which returns the number of selected elements:

if ($('.XXX div.created').length > 0) {


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