I am trying to convert one file format to another using PyODConverter(DocumentConverter.py)

I have installed OpenOffice headless as a service .

When I am trying to do : python DocumentConverter.py test.ppt test.odf

Its showing an error :

ERROR! failed to connect to OpenOffice.org on port 8100

Help! I am in Ubuntu .

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  • Are you/ have you specifying the hostname with port number?
  • If have used localhost then try to change it to
  • Is network using a proxy or is there a fire wall blocking it?

Can you start open openOffice manually and check the OpenOffice process info from the console with 'ps auxw | greg office'

It should contain info about host and port. And last question is this what your start looks like for OpenOffice in server mode?

$OOFFICE "-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager" -norestore -nofirststartwizard -nologo -headless &

When you say... I have installed OpenOffice headless as a service. ..do you mean you have installed oo and configured setup.xcu ..or installed a extension to start in server mode ..you are starting oo via consol or bash scrip with launch string

Also if are using oo version <2.0 you must have x11 running or have xvfb running.

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