I'm looking for a book/site/tutorial on best practices for relational database design, tuning for performance etc. It turns out this kind of resource is a bit difficult to find; there's a lot of "here's normalization, here's ER diagrams, have at it," but not much in the way of real examples. Anyone have any ideas?

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Book: Database Design for Mere Mortals


Take a look at the Library of Free Data Models. There are tons of example database designs, with diagrams that cover real-world scenarios (and some just fun/funny ones as well). I haven't ever used one as-is, but it's often been handy to get an idea of how to approach the problem of mapping the needs of the situation into a data model.


Check out the "The Art of SQL". A pleasure to read.


Here are some resources I could find on the web. They include examples you are looking for:

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