i just downloaded msysgit from http://msysgit.github.com/ and am trying to learn how to use it. i also downloaded a copy of the pro git manual from their wiki. In chapter 2 it talks about typing "$ git init" in the project directory to have the system create a .git folder.

i'm just new at unix / linux so you'll have to excuse the simple questions. lets say my project folder is located at : c:\myapp\abc and that's where i want to run the git init command

i'm not sure how i can change directories into the project folder. when i do an "ls" command from where i'm at, i can tell by the contents in the folder that i'm actually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Git. i've tried "cd /myapp/abc" but it just gives me the message " no such file or directory". i feel like i'm missing something really basic here. my prompt when i open git bash is:

$myname@mypcname /

maybe i just need a bash tutorial? I've also been playing around with the GIT GUI and i was able to create a new repo in another project folder a but i'd like to be able to follow the manual, which for now, seems to be working the git bash tool thanks.

  • definitely make a tiny linux vm (no gui, just a small server) in virtual box on your machine and ssh to it. Msysgit's bash is really good but if you want to get fancy like using multiple streams, it fails. A shared folder between the 2 works great! .. And you'll learn tons about bash. – Adam Dymitruk Jul 23 '12 at 20:52

The "Git Bash" terminal will put the root of each drive in /<drive-letter>, so drive C:\ will be at /c/, drive E:\ will be at /e/, etc. Try cd /c/myapp/abc.


that should be /mnt/drive-letter in your "Git Bash" terminal

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