Is HABTM supported by Ransack?

Having the models:

  • Shop HABTM Categories
  • Category HABTM Shops

Can I use ransack to search a Shop by a single category? What does the form look like?


I think the field you're trying to use would be


Usage would be something like this

<%= f.label :categories_id_eq, "Category" %>
<%= f.collection_select :categories_id_eq, Category.order(:title), :id, :title %>

You should be aware that there are gotchas: while this workds fine


If you want to find products in any category you can go with


But if you need to get products belonging to all of categories selected it wont work as expected:


returns zero results see discussions:

Rails, Ransack: How to search HABTM relationship for "all" matches instead of "any"

Convert ActiveRecord habtm query to Arel .

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