How do you find the value of vim variables that are set with one word commands

such as :set foldmarker={,}

I'm writing a simple custom function for foldtext() to set a custom one line summary of the folded region

it works great but looks funny when I open a documents with any fold marker other than what I've hard coded into the function

here is the function

set foldtext=GetCustomFoldText()
function GetCustomFoldText()
    let foldClose = '}'
    let foldTtl = v:foldend - v:foldstart
    return getline(v:foldstart) . ' (+) ' . foldTtl .  ' lines... ' . foldClose

which makes this:

function myAwsomeFunction()
    // awsomeness here
    // awsomeness here
    // awsomeness here

folded becomes this:

function myAwsomeFunction()
{ (+) 5 lines... }

Which is great until I edit a document with a different foldmarker

I'm trying to determine foldClose dynamically from the foldmarker


Use & before the option name:

:let g:foo = &foldmarker
:echo g:foo
  • awsome that's perfect – Fire Crow Jul 22 '09 at 1:51
  • A little bit less verbose: :echo &foldmarker – Pierre Jun 17 '14 at 9:13

:set all ; will print all vim settings

:set foldmarker?

will show you current foldmarker and you can get other settings current value using :set xxxxx?
xxxxx is the setting you want to know.

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