I have two tables:

db.define_table('tests', Field('name'), Field('status'),...)
db.define_table('testruns', Field('name'), Field('test', db.tests), ...)

My form looks lik this:

form = SQLFORM(db.testruns)

How can I change the form, that it contains only the tests that have the state 'OK'?

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When you define a reference field like Field('test', db.tests), it gets a default IS_IN_DB validator, which gives it a default select widget in forms. The IS_IN_DB validator defaults to all records in the referenced field, but you can explicitly specify your own IS_IN_DB validator and pass in a DAL Set object that limits the records to a subset (in this case, those with tests.status == 'OK'):

    Field('test', db.tests,
          requires=IS_IN_DB(db(db.tests.status == 'OK'), 'tests.id', '%(name)s'),
          represent=lambda id, row: db.tests[id].name))
  • Nice Anthony! How the represent work in this case? Does it access database for each name with this code db.tests[id].name? Jul 25, 2012 at 7:23
  • When generating the options for the select widget, I think it will just do a single query. However, when the represent attribute is used (e.g., when serializing a set of Rows from the testruns table or displaying a readonly form), I believe it will do a separate db query for each record.
    – Anthony
    Jul 25, 2012 at 21:11

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