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What are some good iPhone 3D / 2D OpenGL ES game tutorials?

I have more than 2 years experience in iphone development but now i have one app which use 3d transformation and rotation. It is a one type of game. From lot of search i found that there are many game engines like 1.unity 2.shiva 3.sio2 4.oolong .

But Lot's of people made choice that for iphone game development OPENGL is a best plat form. Than i search lot of tutorials and documentation's for OPENGLES but still i can't get any clue how to learn OPENGL.

So please give me help for how to start opengl development and what are the basic steps to learn game development with opengles.

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  • easy: you should create a new project which using the OpenGL ES in the XCode, and put the missing part into your project for the full game. it would be a good start. – holex Jul 24 '12 at 13:09

First of all, you should read OpenGL ES Programming Guide for iOS.

Then, if you want to dive deeply inside OpenGL ES Programming, you can read the most popular book about OpenGL ES.

  • i already started to read OpenGL ES Programming Guide for iOS. But i am searching for a book in which each chapters of OPENGLES(ios) are explained in detail with example code and at the end of each chapter there is some exercise question's related to chapter for example "Object Oriented Programming With C++ - Balagurusamy". Can you suggest me a opengl(ios) book which follow this kind of explanation pattern. Thanks – Nikh1414 Jul 25 '12 at 4:55

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