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javascript appendChild doesn't work

The error occurs on the last line of this snippet:

 var anchor = "<a id=\"hostname\" href=\"" + destination + "\"> "+ imagename + "</a>";
 var specialdiv = document.getElementById("specialdiv");
 console.log("div: " + specialdiv);

There's really nothing else going on... I verified that specialdiv isn't null or something like that. Can anyone explain why I'm getting this error on that line?

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don't pass a string, but an element

var link = document.createElement('a');
link.innerHTML = imagename;
link.id = "hostname";
link.href = destination;

var specialdiv = document.getElementById("specialdiv");

You are getting that error because appendChild takes DOM elements, not strings. You need to actually create a DOM element before using appendChild.

var anchor = document.createElement('a');
anchor.id = "hostname";
anchor.href = destination;
anchor.innerHTML = imagename;

var specialdiv = document.getElementById("specialdiv");
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